Graffio cykelhandske

195,00 DKK

  • Puder til at aflaste ved vibrationer
  • Åndbar
  • Blød overflade



  • Puder til at aflaste ved vibrationer
  • Åndbar
  • Blød overflade
  • Kan også bruge til andre sportsgrene

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Dette skriver producenten om produktet:

half finger Mountain bike gloves
Back: Italy Miti Vega, comfortable and breathable
Thumb back: Suede fabric, easy to wipe
hook and loop: easy to take on and off
Palm: Micro-fiber


  1. Italy Miti Vega (back of hand)
    2. Micro-fiber (Palm + Finger tips + side panel)
    3. 8020 Lycra
    4. Suede fabric (thumb back)


2018 Monton micro-fiber side mark.


– Italy Miti Vega: High stretch fabric to relieve muscle fatigue.
– Micro-fiber: Light weight and wear-resistant, anti-skid, perforated design to increase the air permeability of palms. The perfect grip makes riding more comfortable.
– Suede fabric: Soft enough to wipe sweat.
– Fit: The hand – shaped version and comfortable grip.
– Technology: Hand-back Italian design sublimation transfer printing, delicate aesthetic appearance. Epoxy on palm to make a firm grip. Side panel could adjust the opening size to make it function better.


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