Sagitar cykelhandske

195,00 kr.

  • “Gummi” puder til at aflaste ved vibrationer
  • Åndbar
  • Blød overflade


  • “Gummi” puder til at aflaste ved vibrationer
  • Åndbar
  • Blød overflade
  • Kan også bruge til andre sportsgrene

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Dette skriver producenten om produktet:

half finger Road bike gloves
Back: Embossing lycra, elegant and quick dry
Palm: Micro-fiber


  1. Embossing lycra: Main fabric of hands back
    2. Italy Miti Capraia: inserts fabric of hands back
    3. Micro-fiber: Palms
    4. Stretch mesh fabric: palm
    5. 8020 Lycra: cuff, between fingers
    6. Suede fabric: Thumb back.


– Embossing lycra: Fashionable embossed pattern, resilient, durable, easy to wash, quick drying. It has good heat resistance and thermal stability.
– Italy Miti Capraia: Large mesh structure, light weight, breathable and keep you comfortable and dry during cycling.
– Micro-fiber: Light and wear-resistant, anti-skid, perforated design to increase the air permeability of palms. The perfect grip makes riding more comfortable.
– Suede fabric: Soft enough to wipe sweats.
– Fit each part of the hand perfect and comfortable grip.
– The design of the palm through the air hole increases the breathability and wicking function.Palm patented shock absorption process increase palm protection during riding.

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